Welcome to
Fresh Texas

Our story began in 1980 when two entrepreneurial spirits decided to begin growing and selling sprouts. From that dream, Energy Sprouts was formed and for the next 19 years, Energy Sprouts was the business. Like all good endeavors, this one was meant to be cultivated and grown into an even bigger adventure.

In 1999 another pair of dreamers purchased Energy Sprouts business and began to grow the company into what is today — a High Quality, Fresh, Value Added Produce Solution Provider. We haven’t lost sight of our roots as you’ll see the original sprout continues on our logo.

Today, you’ll find us located in the heart of Texas, San Antonio. We take pride in our hand-crafted, customized produce that is inspected, hand trimmed and hand placed in each container. From simple peeling and cutting, through complex, customized meal solutions, Fresh Texas can be your partner in growing your business.